How to play SuperStar Teen Patti?

You can visit our Teen Patti Rules section on this website

I have purchased chips but I did not get the chips.

Kindly send us the purchase invoice at [email protected] to confirm your purchase and we will investigate this issue and will credit your chips if not already credited.

How can I play on 7 player table?

7 players tables are available on “Private Table” mode, on which you can play with your friends.

I am unable to login with Facebook

Kindly send us the screenshot of the error you are getting over [email protected], we will investigate and revert you back.

How can I transfer chips from my guest account to my Facebook account?

The guest account and the Facebook account are treated as two different accounts. Chips are not transferable.

Did not receive free chips after inviting friend Via Facebook or Whatsapp

You will get free chips only when your friend joins the game and logs in via Facebook.

Unfair distribution of cards in the game

In SUPERSTAR teen patti the card distribution is completely random.Teen Patti is purely a game of luck, skill and judgement.

How can I get Free Chips?

We have various ways by which you can collect free chips like daily login, magic box & daily bonus. You can also win free chips by participating in Mini Games.

Why did you block by account?

Player account gets blocked only on violating the terms and conditions of the game. But in case you believe there has been no violation at your end, you can write to us via Feedback section present in-Game under settings.

I have lost my Chips, how can I get them back?

If you find that your account is hacked or chips stolen, you can write to us via Feedback section present in-Game under settings. If you have lost chips during game play or due to server issue this is something with which we can not compensate for.

I was playing Teen Patti on a table with high boot value. Two players formed a team and cheated me. Please return my chips.

We always try our best to maintain fair game play experience but situations like this are part of game which requires judgement to overcome such tricks from players.

How to purchase/buy chips?

You can pay by Debit/Credit Card, Netbanking and Paytm based on the platform you are using for Payment (Android, IOS or Facebook).