SuperStar Teen Patti Rules

Get quick and easy steps on how to play SuperStar Teen Patti.The figure below shows highest to lowest cards of each rank. It should be noted that in a sequence A-K-Q is the highest ranked sequence while A-2-3 is the second highest ranked sequence.SuperStar Teen Patti is a gambling card game that originated in India and became popular in Southeast Asia.

1. Trail or set (three of same rank)

2. Pure Sequence

3. Sequence (run)

4. Color

5. Pair (two cards of same rank)

6. High Card

Playing SuperStar Teen Patti.

Each player contributes the boot money and gets three cards facedown. Now it is the turn of the player next to the dealer in clockwise direction. The user has option to place a bet without seeing the cards (blind) or see the card. When the user sees his card, he/she can play chaal or may have other options depending upon the progress of the games. A player who places a blind bet is referred to as the blind user. A player who places his bet after seeing the cards is referred to as the seen player.

Seen Player

A seen player can play Chaal, Pack or may have other options. The other options that may be available to the seen users are Show and Side Show. Once you have seen your cards, to remain in the games, you must play chaal unless you select any other available option.

(a) Chaal

To remain in the games, a seen player must play Chaal or Side Show if available. For chaal the user must put the bet amount in the bot.

(b) Side Show

A seen player can ask for a Side Show. Side Show means that you wish to compare your cards with the cards of the previous user. You can do this only if the previous user is also a seen and there are one or more other players still in the games. The previous user has option to accept or decline your Side Show request.

If your Side Show request is accepted and the previous user has better cards than you, you must pack. If your cards are better than the previous user, the previous player must pack. After one of you have packed, the turn passes on to the next user.If your Side Show request is denied, you do not see each other’s cards and both of you remain in the games and the turn passes on to the next player.